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W. L. French was hired as the site work sub-contractor working for BOND at the 2150 Commonwealth Ave Residence Hall Project located on the campus of Boston College. There were specific challenges up front in the early site work activities of the job that included ledge removal, contaminated soil, unsuitable soil and large quantities of existing building foundation that required trucking and removal from the site. With the knowledge and experience of W. L. French in this line of the construction industry, BOND and W. L. French were able to meet each and every one of these challenges head on. With what seemed to be unlimited resources from W. L. French ledge removal was made far more efficient with drilling, contaminated soils were dealt with professionally and properly allowing for soil to be expedited off site in a timely manner, unsuitable material was amended and re-used with onsite ledge fragments and rock run through crushing equipment and with the large fleet of trucking existing building foundation wall hauling was removed from the site as quickly as it could be pulled from the earth and processed. With a team mentality, organized plan, resources, budget oriented and professional approach, W. L. French is a major contributing factor to the early success of this project as the building comes out of the ground with a structural steel erection.


BOND | Boston College Residence Hall

Mike Donohue | Project Superintendent

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on the behalf of W. L. French Excavating Corporation upon the successful completion of the KIPP Academy Lynn project.

W. L. French was one of the most instrumental subcontractors in the execution of this project from the preconstruction/bidding phase all the way through completion.

During subcontractor bidding, before W. L. French was even awarded the project, they spent vast amounts of time discussing items such as logistics, phasing, and the potential implications of items such as unsuitable soils to help us thoroughly understand the risks associated with the site where the new school was to be located. As a result, Consigli was able to portray these risks to the owner up front so they understood the implications and we were able to develop our contract to ensure all parties had the risks covered. At the time of award, W. L. French even accepted some of these risks in to their contract, such as being solely responsible for all ledge removal despite the quantities.

During construction, I rarely had to interact with W. L. French, which in my world of project management means they were self sufficient and did their job. At the end of the project, their contract was $2.8 million and there was only one change order that resulted from work in the field and none from disputes with other subcontractors; everything else was a directive from Consigli, the owner or the design team and their pricing was always well defined and easy to analyze and process.

My biggest praise for W. L. French stems from the one field item that did arise. Based on contract terms, they did not provide proper notification of the change. It was a simple oversight and was by no means intentional. Despite the validity of the change order, W. L. French accepted full responsibility and were willing to abide by contract terms. Admitting responsibility, especially when money is involved, is a rare if not non-existent trait amongst subcontractors today and to me demonstrated the true character of their company. Even the owner recognized this and as a result did equitably reimburse them for the work.

This project consisted of the most complicated sitework package I have run across in my time at Consigli and I was nervous because it involved a lot of risk and was my first project with W. L. French. Now that we are complete, I realize sitework was never a concern during construction because of the work by W. L. French. I will definitely solicit them for all my future projects because of a job so thoroughly well done.


Consigli Construction | KIPP Academy

Judy Staruk, Project Manager

November 14, 2011

Subject:  MassDOT Contract #67599 I-93 Fast14 Bridge Reconstruction
White – Kiewit JV Job #1103

Dear Mr. French,

This letter is written in appreciation to the exemplary service and commitment made by W. L. French to the White-Kiewit Joint Venture in providing heavy hauling services for the I93FAST14 Project.  Over the course of 10 weekends from June through mid-August 2011, W. L. French provided heavy haul trucking services to transport the majority of the 252 precast structural deck modules used on the project to precast 14 existing bridge structures.  The precast deck units weighing up to 55 tons each were hauled approximately 10 miles from our Wilmington staging yard to the required bridge locations on I93 in Medford.

Reliability and on-time delivery of the precast deck units to their required end destination was an essential component of the time-critical project schedule.  White-Kiewit was allowed only 55-hours each weekend to demolish the existing deteriorated I93 bridge superstructure(s) and then re-build and re-open the bridge(s) to a full 4-lane highway.  The heavy haul trucking services provided each weekend by W. L. French were on-time, reliable and played an integral role in the ultimate success of this unprecedented fast-track, design-build project.  We thank you for a job well done.

Very Truly Yours,

White | Kiewit, JV – I93 Fast14

Peter Rapp, Project Manager

March 16, 2010

W. L. French Excavating Corporation
Mr. Bill French, Jr.
3 Survey Circle, Suite No.1
North Billerica, MA 01862

Re: MPA Contract No. L1OO-C2 | Construction of Centerfield Taxi-Way @ Logan International Airport Boston, MA

Dear Bill:

J. F. White Contracting, Co. has subcontracted W. L French Excavating for numerous jobs in the past. Your continued professionalism, reliably and efforts to cooperate towards making all projects a success is greatly appreciated.

This letter is to commend you and your staff for a job well done on the, Construction of the Centerfield Taxi-way at Logan International Airport. While working on a live runway your hands on management  proved invaluable as W. L French Excavating Corporation exceeded the schedule by [90] days. Your staff was cooperative during all aspects of the project from security requirements [including the TSA pilot program conducted during the contract] to working along with the J. F. White team, Massport and other subcontractors onsite. Both the day shift and night shift worked, produced and completed the project ahead of schedule, within budget and without accident or incident.

On behalf of J. F. White, I would like to personally thank you for your efforts to work with our team to continue to save money on the project. We appreciate the motivated involvement from management as well as the timeliness and willingness of your staff to go the extra mile to achieve what was expected in the project. On this project W. L. French imported over 600,000 tons of stone for the taxiway. Using state of the art equipment you diligently ensured that over 99% compaction was met and often exceeded the specification.

At the end of the project, Massport Authority was more than pleased with the work J. F. White Contracting, Co. performed under the contract. We appreciate your part in making that possible and we look forward to working with you and W. L French Excavating Corporation in the future.

Best Regards,

J. F. White Contracting, Co. | Logan Airport

Tom Pyle, Senior Project Manager

To Whom It May Concern:

Re:      W. L. French Excavating Corporation

I am pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation for site excavation and utility services provided by W.L. French Excavating Corporation.

W.L. French provided site and utility services for Dimeo Construction Company at the Avenir Project located on Canal Street, Boston, MA for two years. Their performance was consistently timely, professional and productive. W.L. French utilized the most up-to-date equipment and tools, while providing outstanding safety measures to ensure a safe working environment.

W.L. French’s management was easily accessible to our company for changes, additions, and alterations to the project site and development. Their knowledge of the working area and project were helpful to us in maintaining the project schedule.

If you should have further questions, please feel free to call.


Dimeo Construction | Avenir Apartments

Douglas M. Peakham, Project Executive

May 12, 2009

Ms. Jessica L. French
W. L. French Excavating Corporation
3 Survey Circle
North Billerica, MA 01862

Dear Jessica,

Barletta Heavy Division, Inc. would like to thank the employees of W. L French for their services during our recently completed North Dorchester Bay CSO Tunnel project in South Boston for the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA). During this project, W. L French provided soil management and disposal services to remove almost 250,000 tons of material.  More importantly, almost 100,000 tons of this material was removed over a 9 month tunnel construction pe1iod.  W. L. French consistently worked with Barletta to identify cost effective disposal facilities and diligently worked to get these facilities approved with representatives of the MWRA and MADEP.   Without their extensive knowledge of the current regulations and available disposal facilities, there would have been significant delays with the tunnel construction. W. L French’s services were reliable and consistently provided the requested amount of trucks so that at times almost 1000 tons of material could be removed from the site on a daily basis.  When any problems or questions occurred, there was always a W.L. French person to contact that could provide an immediate answer and resolution.

We appreciate the work W. L. French performed on this project and look forward to continuing services with W. L. French in the future

Barletta Heavy | N. Dorchester Bay, CSO Tunnel

Craig Stewart, Project Manager

April 17, 2009

W. L. French Excavating Corporation
Mr. William L. French, Jr.
3 Survey Circle
North Billerica, MA 01862

Dear Bill,

I place great value on the professional assistance and performance that W. L. French Excavating Corporation has provided N.A.S.D.I. through-out the years.

Production on both site contracts [i.e. MET State Hospital. Boston Housing Authority, and Mitre Corp.] and the dozens of transportation projects [i.e. Russia Wharf, IKEA Somerville] have been cost effective, productive and highly successful. W. L. French continues to meet the goals set that both NASDI and our project Owners set for each project with great professionalism and teamwork.

I would like to commend you and your staff for your dedication to our trade and the quality work you perform.   W. L. French Excavating Corporation is a solid outfit and I look forward to continuing our working relationship together in the future.

NASDI | MET State Hospital

Dennis Quereux | Vice President of Operations

Mr. Bill French Jr
W. French Excavating Corp.
3 Survey Circle
North Billerica, MA 01862

February 12, 2008

I wish to personally thank W. L. French for the professional manner in which they completed the site work and soil remediation contracts at the Janus and Boxworks projects located in Chelsea, MA.

The combined value of these contracts was $1,355,863.00 and involved working under extremely complicated site conditions, strict monitoring requirements, tight cost constraints and fixed scheduling requirements.

During all phases of the. project I was impressed by the dedication and commitment shown by all members of the W. L. French project team. From the initial contract negotiations to the final clean up both Bill French Jr. and Tom Dian exhibited great knowledge and professionalism with every challenge needing to be faced.

I would highly recommend the W. L. French team, both individually and collectively, to anyone seeking high productivity and cost controlled expertise in the areas of site development, environmental management and contract trucking.

NEI Contractors | Janus Highland Homes

Josef Rettman, Project Executive

October 31, 2005

Ms. Jessica French
W. L. French Excavating Corporation
3 Survey Circle
North Billerica, MA 01862

Re:     Station Landing; Medford, MA

Dear Jessica:

We just wanted to take a few moments of your time to thank you and your staff at W.L. French Excavating Corporation for the cooperation and assistance provided during the past year for the Station Landing Phase I Project in Medford, MA.

During this past year, we have been able to dispose of some $8,000,000 worth of contaminated materials without any affect to the project schedule.  This material was shipped to numerous destinations and Cranshaw was able to schedule following construction activities in a logical and sequential manner throughout this effort.

This is due in no small part to your management skills in developing a team of highly motivated professional and experienced people to tend to all of the aspects of an extremely complicated task.

We were extremely impressed with your team’s attention to detail from the on-site planning with Cranshaw to scheduling of transportation to maintenance of logs tracking disposal to billing procedures with backup required by the governing agencies and the Owner.  We have been involved in projects where the subcontractor involved would perform well with one task but fail miserably with the rest, but we have never had the pleasure to work with a team that performed so well throughout the process.  It certainly made our life so much easier knowing W.L. French Excavating Corporation was part of our team and this whole process was so well managed.

You are to be complimented on your business skills, business acumen and ability to judge people that W.L. French Excavating Corporation is such a professional firm.  It has been and continues to be a pleasure working with you and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

Very truly yours,


Cranshaw Construction | Station Landing

Martin Gordon, Senior Project Manager

July 8, 2004

Mr. William L. French
W. L. French Excavating Corporation
3 Survey Circle
North Billerica, MA 01862

Dear Bill,

I am pleased to provide the following recommendation letter in support of the construction activities and professionalism of W.L. French Excavating Corp. (French) during the ongoing reclamation of the Rowe Quarry site in Malden and Revere, Massachusetts in preparation for the Highlands at Overlook Ridge development.  As you are aware, Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. (CDM) has been working with Roseland Property Company to support the permitting and construction activities for the project since 1999. In addition, we have been working with French and Precision Environmental Services since early in 2002 to complete the quarry reclamation activities which include the environmental review and acceptance of off-site fill materials for delivery and placement/compaction within the former Rowe Quarry site.  As you are aware, the Rowe Quarry site has undergone extensive local DEP and EPA reviews and approval during permitting as well as ongoing oversight by these agencies – to date all activities of French have been carried out in accordance with project regulatory requirements and in accordance with the technical specifications for placement and compaction of fill materials from off-site sources.  French has been the primary party responsible for successfully identifying and securing off-site fill materials.

Ultimately this project will involve the placement and compaction of approximately 1,000,000 cubic yards of fill materials from off-site sources, along with extensive site grading, utilities and construction of more than 2000 units of housing along with supporting commercial development.  To date French has completed approximately 25% of the fill delivery and placement activities, with no major problems or delays.  In fact the activities of French have been exceptional in relation to the fill placement and site management activities.  We look forward to completing this project with French.

If you or any potential future clients have any questions regarding the site management activities please do not hesitate to contact me at (617) 452-6586.

Very truly yours,

Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc. | Rowe Quarry

Robert Button, Project Manager

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